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February 11, 2012
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Kerienne Lei'vaneth by Serathus Kerienne Lei'vaneth by Serathus
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Name: Kerienne Leiívaneth
Nickname: Keri
Age: 7304
Height: 7ft 8
Weight: 325lbs
Race: Night Elf, Death Knight

Appearance: Kerienne is quite a tall and somewhat athletic individual, though she could be regarded by others as being a little too much on the thin side. She is constantly seen wearing a combination of dark blue and black plate armour with a chainmail undercoat, both of which are fashioned from pure refined Saronite. Both her gauntlets and shoulders plates have images of screaming skulls etched into them, her left shoulder plate also has a row of three vicious spikes jutting from it. Adorning her armours bulky shoulder plates are several icons of skulls, possibly crafted from the same material as the armour itself but of a slightly different hue. There are several runes etched in the language of death that run across the armoured plates on her thighs. Her armour is constantly covered in rime and frost which breaks in places when she moves, only to refreeze again when she pauses. A long black cloak with red trim hangs from her shoulders, pinned by the same Saronite skulls as those adorning her shoulders. The trim of her cloak is also covered in the spindly runic language of death.

Her face is usually hidden beneath an elaborately designed helm, matching the colours and style of her armour. A twist to this however is that the eye ports glow with a faint inner blue light, a small vent at the front allows enough freedom for one to hear her voice when she wishes to speak. If one were to observe her for long enough, they might be able to see the rare puff of icy breath seeping from the front of her helm as she exhales. Should she be seen without her helm, one would be able to see a gaunt, expressionless face devoid of all emotion yet one that retains an almost haunting allure to it. Her eyes are a bright frosty blue as opposed to the traditional silver, glowing with a mysterious inner light. Completing her attire is a pair of viciously curved and spiked blades which rest across her back, crafted from an unknown semi transparent azure steel. Despite looking so unhealthy the pale skin that is visible has no marks or traces of injury save for the thick, jagged vertical pink scar on her throat. The mark is large enough to be identified as a sword thrust wound and is the only physical hint of how her life was originally ended.

Personality: After being pressed into the service of the lich king, any traits, habits and memory were scrubbed from her mind. The only memories she has left are those that tell her how to wield her blades and how to fight both physically and magically. Her personality and attitude suffered dramatically, she has little to no moral values and will quite easily perform actions that would make another person cringe in horror. Raising the dead for example would be seen as a perfectly normal thing to do in her eyes, and was in fact the first thing she did when she stepped off the boat in Menethil harbour. Her manners are also somewhat lacking and she has a total lack of respect for others feelings or beliefs. Not because she is being intentionally callous, but because there is nothing in her mind telling her that it is the wrong thing to do.

She could be considered more than a little insane; she believes that she has regained the elusive immortality that the Kalídorei people have been seeking for so long, in the form of undeath. Although many of her kind would no doubt strongly contest her views. Being undead she does not feel pain, hatred or anger nor does she fear physical harm, by the same token however she does not feel happiness, joy or love.

Skills: Kerienne is a formidable necromancer and practitioner of unholy magicís, constantly striving to fully master the art of raising the dead for her own mysterious purposes. Her talents have grown to such a degree that she is also able to control weaker minded living victims, an ability that she has put into practise on more than one occasion. While she is a formidable fighter with her swords, face to face combat is not her preference. Of course one engaging in direct physical combat with her would not only have to contend with her blades, but also the diseases and necrotic magic she wields. Her preference in terms of combat is to sit behind a battle and either command undead minions into the fray, or lend her allies support with her frost and unholy magicís.

Other Notes: Her vocal chords were utterly destroyed when she first died; while they were repaired when she was raised back from the dead, they were so badly damaged that they are now in a constant state of decay. Her unholy magic constantly regenerates them, however due to this her voice has a twisted and very pained sound behind it. She often talks haltingly and only utters a few words at a time; it is very rare for her to form a complete sentence. Her body constantly generates a freezing cold, noticeable to those who stand in close proximity to her.

When seen without her helm, she is constantly seen to be chewing on deathweed in a similar manner than one would chew tobacco. She has the habit of spitting out the foul residue at regular intervals; most of which are inappropriate, such as when she spat on the steps of the cathedral of light in full view of several paladins.

Current Status: With the death of the lich king and her mind her own once more, Kerienne finds herself without guidance or direction. With no clear path before her she chooses to wander the lands and doing as she pleases, much to the distress of many. Primarily she spends her time far away from towns and cities, usually lurking around graveyards occasionally raising corpses to do her bidding. She frequently visits Duskwood, finding the haunting woods and many cemeteries oddly alluring. While she has her own will, she is not a leader of others and has a preference to follow and would likely do so if she found one worthy of her talents. This preference does not extend to her risen minions, she is more than happy to lead a band of mindless ghouls.

see her with helm:


This is the 3rd commission i did for :iconatypicalspider: this year. =D

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